Assist, guide and supervise management

guide and

Thanks to its convenient platform, Regisco will modernise the way the information is retained and conveyed. This software will disrupt the way the information is stored and shared. Complete integration of technical information, directory of key documents as well as guidance for proper maintenance practices for ensuring preservation of your building. Regisco will become an indispensable tool providing transparency, respect of budgetary constraints and useful life cycle of mechanical and electrical equipment.

Bill 16 :
Maintenance Plan

  • Equipment Inventory
    Fundamental and regularly updated, the maintenance plan is an obligation for all condo buildings. This unique maintenance software Providing a complete register of all the buildings components and relevant documents, you will find: ‘’As-Built’’ plans, location certificates, complete inventory, warranty plans and instruction manuals.
  • Maintenance Tasks on equipment
    Planning and coordinating preventative and urgent work. The maintenance plan reveals itself as very useful for board members, managers and even future buyers wanting to ensure the value of their purchase by confirming the proper maintenance activities.
  • Inspection monitoring of your building
    Governments efforts to conserve and sustainably maintain condominiums have put into place appropriate inspections needing to be done within specific deadlines: Façade inspection (L122), Undergrund parking inspection, Contingency Trust fund inspection, Replacement or Cash Value of building, etc.
Bill 16 : maintenance plan

Our Managing Tools

The only custom co-ownership software that takes into account the complexity and reality of your building

Complete comprehensive coproperty register
Orderly conduct of information
Syndicate complete identity
Descriptive sheet of your building
Plans and technical specification
Properly scaled plans
Nos outils de gestion
Visualization and modeling
Interactive visit of your building
Contract Register
Contract list and automated calendar
Log of activities
Interventions logs

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Fresh, bright, stylish application.
Switch to the new digital era

Switch to the new digital era

Provide your condominium un complete and modern maintenance logbook

Advise, guide and provide a framwork to all management activities for co-owners and property managers. Use Regisco to ensure asset preservation.

  • Improve daily management
  • Complete maintenance logbook
  • Flexible et modular platform